Suchil Coffman-Guerra
25810 Mahogony Trail      San Antonio, TX 78255
Upcoming Works
The spring of 2008 has some great projects ahead for me. In the first weekend of March, I had a solo show, 'The Kitchen Goddess Goes To Work', a textile installation that was timed with Women's History Month. This show was a tounge-in-cheek exploration on the transition of women leaving their post in the kitchen and what that looks like! (see below)
I currently have one of my pieces from the Snuff Series, up in an international exhibit for human rights, that has toured through South Texas and Mexico. 2008 Sex Trafficking Conference & Human Rights Art Exhibition will finish up in Monterrey, Mexico, in late April 2008.
I am also helping a local San Antonio artist's group, SAVA, to curate a juried art exhibition for south central texas artists this spring and summer. This is going to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to bring greater exposure to some of the very talented artists in our area!
A Little Bit About The Kitchen Goddess Exhibit
The exhibit featured a life-sized retro and modern-day kitchen 'working' environment. We also had living, breathing kitchen goddesses, armed with salami rolls, devilled eggs and answers to all of your kitchen-goddess related questions. Here are just a couple of images from the show.

For more detailed images, please visit the Kitchen Goddess Blog!
kitchen goddess
kitchen goddess
kitchen goddess
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