Suchil Coffman-Guerra
This is the recent photography work by Suchil Coffman-Guerra. To view the slide galleries of the bodies of work, just click on the photos.
The Tree In My Backyard
This is a collection of photographs Suchil created that explores both gender and race identity, while asking questions about how children accumulate their values and beliefs about others.
This series of images shows how deceptive our ideas are about age and what it implies. Suchil created this series as an exploration into both beauty and deception about the aging process.
Snuff: Black & White Images
'Snuff' is an ongoing project that Suchil is exploring in multiple mediums. She was inspired to create a body of work that examined the uncomfortable world of sex, voyeurism, violence and human feelings.
Snuff: Color Images
This series of images further expands the subject matter of 'Snuff' to explore violence within relationships. Suchil uses manipulations in the color darkroom to create one-of-a-kind images with layers of text that represent conversations between a victim of violence and the abuser.
Snuff: Color Series 2
Using more subtle layers of text and imagery, Series Two digs deeper into an exploration of the self. This body of work asks questions about self-identity and isolation.
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